Welcome to Denth!

It is 125 years after a great cataclysm that destroyed a great mountain range and created a new moon. The Elves have disappeared or gone into hiding. There is no sign of any “true” Elves (as they called themselves) in the east, and in the west they have completely isolated themselves within Yorielan. The Black Towers are no longer active. Some near the former mountain have been destroyed, some have fallen into the ocean, but most stand inactive and impenetrable with no sign of life within. With access to their travel portals denied, the towns around them slowly disappear.

The Yin’ti (wood elves) shun other races, especially Dwarves, who lay the blame of a lost mountain and several thousand Dwarves on ALL Elves. Half-elves are seldom seen in public, though they do reside in most cities as merchants, crafters and mages.

Dwarves, due to their great loss in population (almost 1/3 of the entire Dwarf race) have ceased repairs on the great Dwarven roads between the Elven cities, may of which have been abandoned although some are now inhabited mostly by Men. Giants, beyond the northern ranges, are attacking Dwarven holds.

The area in the center of the continent that used to be a mountain range is now a wasteland of rock, rubble and sand. Great rivers have dried up along with the forests and vegetation. Only skeletal remains of the once great forests remain. Those that survived either moved away or perished with few exceptions. Trade between east and west only survives by ship.

The once controllable Goblin races seem to have recovered much faster than their Human and Dwarven counterparts and are constantly on the move, raiding and sacking homesteads, towns and occasionally small cities. There is terrible fear concerning Orc raiders especially.

On the political front, without the presence of the Dwarves and Elves to stabilize them, the kingdoms of Men have succumbed to greed and power struggles are common. Many new contested “Kingdoms” have sprung up and have been smashed again.

YOU may be just what is required to bring order to the world ….. or not.

Denth, the Rebirth --- A Pathfinder campaign